So we can all agree that Gilmore Girls is an amazing show and Lorelai is a queen who deserves to be treated as such. In the season 1 finale her on-off boyfriend Max Medina proposes to her. This proposal is supposedly super romantic, but I have some issues with it.
  1. The first time Max proposes it is during a fight with Lorelai.
    Never a good move.
  2. Lorelai calls him on his BS and tells him that a proposal needs to be romantic with 1,000 yellow daisies.
  3. She then walks into the Independence Inn the next day to find 1,000 yellow daisies have been delivered.
    Romantic right? BUT WAIT
  4. It would have been romantic for Max to be standing amidst the daisies.
    Or the walk through the door of the inn.
  5. BUT NOPE.
  6. Max isn't on the premises; he isn't even in Stars Hallow!
  7. Lorelai has to call him for him to propose OVER THE PHONE.
  8. And what started out as a proposal with major promise totally crashes and burns.
    Seriously man? The phone??
  9. But whatever, because Max is kind of bland anyways and we all know the only one worthy of Lorelai is Luke
    Side note: What is this picture?