1. 8.
    Farmer Boy
    Sorry Almanzo, but no one really cares about your childhood.
  2. 7.
    By The Shores of Silver Lake
    Mary went blind, Jack died, and I was basically depressed the whole way through.
  3. 6.
    The Long Winter
    Basically they were snowed in for the entire book. Not the worst but not the most exciting either.
  4. 5.
    Little Town on the Prairie
    One of the rare books in the series where things are actually going pretty well for the Ingalls. Laura gets a job, they live in town, the winter is mild, and a cutie named Almanzo shows up to walk Laura home from church 😏
  5. 4.
    Little House in the Big Woods
    Our sweet introduction to the Ingalls family. Highlights include Pa shooting a bear holding a pig and a bratty cousin getting attacked by a bunch of bees.
  6. 3.
    Little House on the Prairie
    Who can forget the rollercoaster of emotions when the creek rises while the Ingalls are crossing it and they think Jack drowns, only to find out that he has not only survived but found his way back to them?! As Ma always says, "All's well that ends well."
  7. 2.
    These Happy Golden Years
    Laura and Almanzo take weekly carriage rides and fall in love, therefore establishing the original #relationshipgoals. This book is sweet and romantic and even as a little girl I swooned.
  8. 1.
    On The Banks of Plum Creek
    The Ingalls lived in a dugout which always sounded super cool to me. Laura and Mary also started school, and Laura tricked the awful Nellie Olsen into swimming in leech-infested waters. The locust invasion was super intense, but say it with me..."All's well that ends well!"