Reasons Why The Parent Trap is One of the Greatest Movies of All Time

  1. Perhaps you've heard of a little movie called The Parent Trap
  2. It has all the makings of an awesome movie
  3. Such as...
  4. Romance
  5. Comedy
  7. Twins!
  8. It has an incredible cast
  9. Dennis Quaid as the super hot dad
  10. Natasha Richardson as the classiest mom around
  11. Lindsey Lohan playing not one, but TWO ROLES
    And flawlessly at that
  12. And it has...
  13. A BOMB soundtrack
    L-O-V-E, This Could Be (An Everlasting Love), Here Comes The Sun... all certified bangers
  14. An EPIC prank
    She had it comin'
  15. FLAWLESS Wardrobes
    I know she was the villain, but dang she always looked good!
  16. An a KILLER B-Plot
    Chessey and Martin 4eva ❤
  17. In summary
  18. This movie is amazing
  19. Bye!