When you meet someone who's going to be a teacher (like me!) don't tell them these things, they're all super disheartening.
  1. "My sister/friend/cousin is a teacher and the horror stories they tell me..."
    Am I them? No.
  2. "That's so great...."
    But in a tone of voice that is anything but great.
  3. The pay is just so awful!
    Bonus points when accompanied by, "Better marry rich!"
  4. "I could NOT handle children all day"
    Well I happen to love children so, it should be okay.
  5. "The teacher dropout rate is so high"
    Seriously, how do I even respond to that?
  6. ~sighs and shakes head~
    This one is the worst when it comes from one of your old (and favorite teachers) which happened to me and crushed my soul a little bit.
  7. "Well...good for you, we need good teachers."
    This one usually comes as a qualifying statement after crushing my dreams with one of the above ones. Just try to hide your disdain a little better when you say it.
  8. Seriously, when anyone tells you they want to do anything, just be encouraging! We're all trying our best here.