According to the Jonas Brothers
  1. They live underwater.
  2. The JoBros great, great, great granddaughter is doing fine.
    In case you were concerned
  3. Boy Bands
  4. And another one
  5. And another one
  6. Girls with round hair, like Star Wars
  7. Also, those girls float above the floor?
    I guess because of the whole underwater thing? They're all just swimming around.
  8. The song "Year 3000" had gone multiplatinum
    Finally getting the respect it deserved
  9. Everybody bought the Jonas Brothers' seventh album
    So we also get a JoBros reunion?
  10. An album that outsold Kelly Clarkson
    Kelly is timeless. The JoBros are unappreciated in their own time.
  11. Again, let's reiterate that everyone lives underwater and the JoBros great great great granddaughter is somehow still alive and doing fine.
  12. Giphy