Worst TV Marriages

A follow-up to this list: Best TV Marriages
  1. Ross and Rachel- Friends
    I'm talking about their first marriage, remember the one in Vegas? Ross told Rachel he would get an annulment and then lied to her for what seemed like forever. I hope their second marriage was better, but let's be real it was probably still dysfunctional.
  2. Rufus and Lily- Gossip Girl
    I don't really remember much about this other than it ended in divorce and he was always trying to make waffles.
  3. Niles and Maris / Niles and Mel - Frasier
    Both of these women were awful, and Niles was no gem himself. It took so long for him to finally be happy with Daphne.
  4. Julia and Joel- Parenthood
    Honestly these two started out great and I loved them, but then they went through all that crap towards the end with the separation and it kinda ruined them. Seems like they were able to work it out in the end though.
  5. Mr. Schuster and Mrs. Schuster- Glee
    Can't remember her name (Tammy?) and can't even find a picture of them together. The one who lied about being pregnant. Bad.
  6. Ray and Deborah- Everybody Loved Raymond
    Not the worst, but didn't it just seem like they were always yelling at each other?