1. I have no idea what names attach to who
    When watching with my husband... It is an often occurrence for me to say..'but wait?! What about that thing that happened with the guy with the funny shirt?!
  2. I am over Arya Starks, 'silly little' story line
    ... But hate that she is getting the crap beaten out of her... It's enough!!!! She's been through enough! The many faces gods are dead to me.
  3. I don't understand why Jon Snow is so good looking
    He is, he SO is... But why can regular humans look like him? And why don't I know any?! I feel like I deserve to.
  4. I want Ramsay to eat a pile of excruciatingly horrid pile of excrement..
    No explanation necessary.
  5. The red lady... Give me more.. But don't.. Because the only things I've cared about her was doing was, pushing smoke out of her lady parts and showing what she really looks like (epic!)
  6. I'll figure it all out..one day.. Until then, I'll be this fan: