1. Turtles
  2. A marshmallow
  3. Fire ants
  4. Mowed grass
  5. A button on the floor
  6. A baby
  7. Fairies
  8. Words like 'it'
  9. An inchworm
  10. Your little toe
  11. That lady's skirt at the store
  12. Earlobes
  13. My sister's hair... Hahaha
    She thought this was hysterical
  14. You know, that thing in the yard, uh, the tree stump thing
  15. A dot
  16. Some rice
  17. Can we make guacamole?
    She got sidetracked... We made some and got back to it..
  18. A broken chip
  19. A tiny, tiny rock.. A pebble
  20. A traffic hole, a tiny, tiny one
  21. A penny
  22. Mom, can I have a penny?
    Sure, you can have a penny.
  23. Is two weeks short?
    It's kind of short..
  24. Two weeks
  25. This thing
    She found a small piece of construction paper on the floor
  26. The spikes on a cactus
  27. What's a dipstick, mom?
    Where did you hear that?!
  28. On the tv
    We turned off the tv and are done with this list and reading 'The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!' She totally chose the book...