1. 5 year old: Mom, get ready for a frisbee!!
    First of all, I am always ready for 'a frisbee'
  2. She flung a new diaper at me
    Caught it! Like a boss! And boom... Yes, dear 5 year old, I can catch!
  3. Me: I am the best at frisbee, young child.
  4. 5 year old: No, what if I threw it there, really hard?!
    Serious arm followed by body gesture, to the right.
  5. Me: Then I would catch it there.
    Imaginary out of this world, caught to the right.
  6. 5 year old: Ugh, then I would throw it here!!
    To the left.
  7. Me: I'd catch it here.
    Imaginary epic caught to the left.
  8. 5 year old: Moooom! You don't always win!!
    Pouty face, delivered.
  9. Me: I'm winning this argument.
    Smug face, served!
  10. 5 year old: I don't like this.
    Angry faces, exchanged!
  11. Me: Okay, redemption time!
    I tossed the diaper back to her... It bounced off her chest and into her lap.
  12. 5 year old: You're making my life so hard, right now.
  13. Giphy
  14. She gets life lesson and an extra piece of chocolate for desert tonight.