1. Went to lunch with my 4 month old.
    The waitress took my order and then baby-talked to my kid for... 8 minutes... EIGHT minutes. It was only after another waitress came over and whispered in her ear, that she left and put my order in. In those 8 minutes, I just sat and awkwardly smiled. 😳
  2. Had to breastfeed in the car.
    And older man walked by, stopped and gave me a thumbs up. After an exchange of awkward smiles, I assume he felt he needed to clarify his thumbs up and honked his own breasts and gave me a second thumbs up. 😳
  3. Was grabbing a few things at the grocery store.
    I grabbed an onion. A lady next to me thought it was the perfect opportunity to tell me about her last hospital stay. Which, included mentions of an odd find in her bedpan. It was an onion shape. 😳
  4. I went home after that.