1. Me: Do you like the music?
  2. 5 year old: Hm, I don't want to talk right now.
  3. Me: Oh, okay... Is everything okay?
  4. 5 year old: Yeaaaa! I'm fine.
  5. We had dinner, she was pretty quiet, so I let her be.
  6. While reading her pre bedtime book about dachshunds she very emotionally interrupts....
  7. 5 year old: MOM, I am sorry.
  8. Me: About what?
  9. 5 year old: The MUSIC. I really liked the songs of Hamilton. I was almost dancing. Almost. But I was stressed out.
  10. Me: Stressed out?
  11. 5 year old: Ugh, yea Mom, there is this boy...
  12. Me: