Something I found in my daughters room

  1. On the door
    Leila is her little sister. Poor Leila!
  2. No mama?! 😰
    I can't open it, can I?! No, absolutely not! But I'm the mom, and in charge...and what if it is something dangerous? No, I can't open it she will never trust me, again!
  3. I opened it. 😳
    This was the only item inside.
  4. I'm beautiful?! 😊
  5. She loves me?! 😚
  6. Oh, I hope that's not what I look like! 😳
  7. I don't know if this is me.. 🤔
  8. She made me a book! 🤗😍
    And I cried with each page turn. Also, I have not gone through any of her things since.
  9. P.s- I found this three months ago and have not mentioned or received it.
    Which, kind of makes me anxious.. Has she forgotten it? Has she stopped loving me as much as when she penned the book?! So many questions!