1. The parent who won't shut up about her kale crusted smoothies and why you should 'absolutely' be drinking them too.
    Kale is a tasty treat, but a 'crusted smoothie' isn't my thang!
  2. The parent who judges every food item at the party.
    Clearly Smart Food Popcorn isn't the smartest, but it's not the worst. Plus, it's delicious.
  3. The parent who hovers over their child... And EVERY other child at the party.
    My kid is O.K. On the swings, kick, bend, kick, bend... She'll survive.
  4. The parent who has a first aid kit in her pocket and finds a reason to use it.
    Mine is in my car and expired... Save the band aides used for making pig noses and scraped knees.
  5. The parent who says they are laid back, but flips out over another child getting a splinter, nearly calling 911!
    Hold the phone!!!
  6. The parent that preaches about how vaccines are the bane of human existence, then hears a child cough and complains about how a parent could expose their children to such illness.
    I'm sorry, what?
  7. The parent that says, 'Oh, we click so well, we should get together for coffee!' So you do and you realize they just want more information on the other parent you are Friends with.
    Not cool.
  8. The parent that gives you more parenting advice than Parenting Magazine.
    I already have a subscription.
  9. And me..I parent, you parent... We all parent, differently. Just don't be a weirdo.