1. "Momma, please hold my hand, there are too many people and my space feels crushed."
    Right?!?! Isn't it awesome?!?!
  2. "Wow, Mom, did you ever think girls could be so loud?"
    Oh, yes... yes I did!
  3. "There are so many people, this is a really big deal, huh?"
    Yes, yes it is.
  4. "I just don't get it. Like, girls can do the same things boys can. A lot of times, Girls can do things better than boys. What's the problem?"
  5. "What is a pussy?"
  6. "If so many people don't like Donald Dump (that's what her friends and her call him. Not my doing,) why can't he just go away?"
  7. "Are we going to march again?"
    If we need to, sweet girl.