1/26/16 (literally like 40 days after the request was made)
  1. I wake up at like 8, before my alarm. I let myself sleep until 9.
  2. I go to the bathroom. I check list app and twitter and my messages. I put in my contacts. I drink water.
  3. I listen to the podcast Love and Radio while I brush my teeth and do my makeup.
    this picture was extremely awkward to take
  4. I spray Febreze fabric refresher on my sweater. I wear it with a soft floral skirt, tights, fuzzy socks, and combat boots.
  5. I head to breakfast/lunch (I have 14 dining hall swipes a week so) at 10. I eat french toast and cottage cheese and a corn bread muffin. I drink de-caf Lipton and orange juice that I've watered down.
  6. I have a class at 10:50. It was the first day. It's a class about "story" across a lot of different platforms- books, movies, video games, musicals, comics, 'new media', theme parks, etc. I got an assignment that I will probably also post as a list. This class seems like it's going to be lit tbh
  7. Walked with a friend who I haven't seen since last semester and caught up a bit.
  8. Sat in my room and worked on this list a little 🙈 and some hw. Ordered a book for class online.
  9. Not that busy because it's only the second day. I stare at the suitcase I still haven't unpacked from break.
  10. I have a class at 2:35 that I had to miss yesterday and I am very nervous that my professor will hate me because of this.
  11. I take some selfies. Why do look like the V for Vendetta mask here??
  12. I write a list and hang out on the extra bed in my new DINGLE!! This is the most boring list ever.
  13. Should I watch another episode of West Wing or should I start X-Files?? TWITTER POLL TIME!
  14. Okay so I checked my email my professor was very kind and understanding and wished me good luck on the big presentation that was the reason I had to miss his class yesterday. Yay no hatred for now!
  15. Here's an OOTD feat. slippers and a chinese takeout menu
    shiiiiiitt now I'm hungry for chinese food
  16. I make another list. I check on my Twitter poll. X-Files is winning! I bet this is so thrilling to read. Well, I guess I will watch X-Files before my class.
  17. .
    I'm kind of lonely
  18. I facetime my mom for like 4 minutes.
  19. Almost time to go to class. Maybe I should get myself an iced tea or something? Treat yoself.
  20. Okay I have started The X-Files and I already like it very much.
    It's good you guys wait it's so good wait Scully is really hot wait I'm only five minutes in
  21. I want my first name to be Fox and my nickname to be Spooky??!!
  22. Ahh I like it a lot I'm sci-fi and FBI shows trash and this fits nice and snug in the middle of that Venn Diagram
    lowkey Moulder is hot too?? wtf
  23. Well, there goes my life all I'm doing is watching X-Files now
  24. I went to class and continued watching immediately after
  25. okay it's 4:26 pm bye