inspired by @dustinboone
  1. Acosta
    that's my last name fools
  2. Butts
    I'm in favor
  3. College
    I'm in it
  4. Dead
    I'm a dead girl
  5. Editing
    love/hate relationship with it
  6. Fuck
  7. Gay
  8. Hate
    what I feel in my heart
  9. Independent
  10. Jessica Jones
    a show I liked
  11. Kettle
    a way to make tea that you think is pointless but is actually v convenient
  12. Loser
    the worst part about me being a loser is that I feel no motivation to be a winner whatsoever
  13. Musicals
    95% of the music I listen to is showtunes
  14. Nerd
    one of the nicer things people called me in elementary school
  15. Old people
    love them except when they're racist/homophobic/et al
  16. Pants
    HATE them
  17. Quasimodo
    love Hunchback of Notre Dame, love when Menken and Scwhartz collab
  18. Roasted chicken flavor vegetarian imitation chicharon
    very specific, sounds disgusting, very delicious
  19. Superheroes
    I'm in favor
  20. Toaster oven
    I can make mad shit in a toaster oven
  21. Underwear
    if I'm not wearing a skirt, I might not be wearing any
  22. Virgo
    my sign
  23. Walt Whitman
    I like him
  24. Xylophone
    I'll play very simple percussion in your band as long as it's weird
  25. Yes, please
    what I would say if Amy Poehler asked to marry me
  26. Zeus
    cool greek myths and lightning bolts