1. hunnypooh123
    bc I loved Winnie the Pooh?? I am so young and this was my first AOL or smth when I was like 4
  2. eatsleepdancerepeat
    I hate this.
  3. jessi11235
    so boring omg
  4. feeblepresumption
    this is from a The Beautiful and the Damned quote
  5. jacosta8p
    literally bc the 8P looks like 😝
  6. newfoundheroism
    this is from a Teen Wolf quote...
  7. urghjess
    this was what all my social media accounts were for a very very long time. It represents me well, but I got tired of always having to spell out "urgh"
  8. spammyjess
    this is my spam email yes I'm a genius
  9. str8nthecurves
    this is a from a Next to Normal quote
  10. jessacosta42
    I did not get on early enough for my real name rip
  11. jessicanope
    this became a thing because I am afraid of Facebook, so my name on there was Jessica Nope for a long time
  12. jessacsta
  13. jessacosta
    only on List App