here's the original TEN THINGS I UNDERSTAND ONLY MARGINALLY BUT SPEAK ABOUT WITH ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE 😬 Have I grown as a person???? Let's find out!!
  1. theater
    tbh I was being modest here bc I felt awkward abt how much I write abt theater on list app when I have never taken classes abt it. I know quite a lot abt a very specific lane that I enjoy
  2. The X-Files
    I'm on season three but I now know A LOT abt all the writers and David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, like probably too much
  3. Twitter
    still a hot mess and not even funny anymore mostly just whining
  4. fashion
    I feel like never doing my laundry has either made me much less or much more fashionable
  5. make-up
  6. movies
  7. boobs
    still ignoring that mine exist tbh idg how boobs work
  8. List App
  9. tea
    again, I stay in my lane, which is decaf
  10. school
    I procrastinate my whole life