Yes, I did screenshot all of these from netflix bc that's how obsessed I am with this show. Also, sorry for the huge black bars, I had to do that to make them fit into the square.
  1. s1e1
    92fbe243 16c4 43bd 925f 80b74a8e322b
  2. s1e3
    B5ba92b0 a461 43b7 b2bc 6086351566d3
  3. s1e3
    Db064772 b728 4c40 bb3b d0f0f7415ba0
  4. s1e4
    1880c45c d145 4253 97dd a9ab20292f87
  5. s1e5
    84c074c4 a30e 4d33 b7ba 5781db1a9cbd
  6. s1e8
    4c1afbef e2be 4693 8622 6d997602586a
  7. s2e1
    Ff455bc0 93ca 4cb7 b204 3d1762f5c029
  8. s2e2
    84a74ab3 7ade 4bcb a682 d3ec15c27790
  9. s2e3
    476db606 149f 488a 9e88 a8723cdddedb