I am astounded by the number of these I found... you guys send adorable exclusive selfies to your friends too right? it's not something I am doing to in order to avoid direct human interaction?// I have convinced myself that this counts as studying
  1. 🍷
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    love the frame within a frame
  2. ☕️
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    really dynamic sense of movement
  3. 🍵
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    classic yet innovative
  4. 🍦
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    strong diagonal lines and geometric patterns
  5. 🍹
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    the pop of color is bold
  6. 🌊
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    simple but beautiful
  7. 🍧
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    call jj abrams with that lens flare amirite
  8. ☕️
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    the performance is all in the eyes
  9. 🍷
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    love how it plays with the tropes of the selfie tradition
  10. 🍯
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    interesting lighting choice
  11. 🍵
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    powerful mise en scene here
  12. ☕️
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    tastefully deconstructs its genre
  13. ☕️
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    the protagonist demonstrates such agency
  14. 🍸
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    admire the unique tone
  15. 🍹
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    lackluster but still a fun time
  16. ☕️
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    not sure what the intent here is
  17. 🍷
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