2. Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812
    this is so lit
  3. Little Mix
    honestly fuck me up w ur harmonies guys
  4. A New Brain (2015 New York Cast)
    I'm emotional
  5. Be More Chill
    I have been waiting for this for like 6 years nbd
  6. Panic! At The Disco
    i kno this is off-brand for me but this boy covered Book of Mormon and Les Miserables and Disney bye
  8. The X-Files
    my bbs
  9. House Of Cards
    I watched Daredevil s2 in two sittings but I am taking my sweet ass time w this season of HoC apparently
  10. The West Wing
    I'm excited for the podcast bc i listen along w x-files too
  11. Scandal
    is this season like 53 episodes long or
  12. EATING:
  13. stolen chocolate mints from the dining hall