1. john green wrote an essay for time magazine that is essentially my common app essay
  2. honestly i've nvr seen a hotter het couple than gillian anderson and david duchovny
  3. okay why do like 90% of ppl i know have a bio bragging abt their coffee addiction? not that i judge u but like i wouldn't put "functional alcoholic ☺️"
  4. i cry bc the idea for allegiance initiated while watching in the heights, then allegiance and ham were part of this amazing season together
  5. *physically forces self to be happy* *still doesn't feel happy*
  6. tfw ur tryna be tom hardy but ur dogs like nah
  7. I love spoopy so much he goes "that's an awful lot of flannel to be choking down, even for bigfoot" and then he smirks like he's hilarious
  8. tbh my whole aethetic came from the jergens original scent bottle
  9. sweet job rhyming "love" with "love" AND "baby" with "baby", songs