1. i have spent 10000 hrs of my life tryna poo why am i not good at it yet, guy who wrote that book?
  2. im salty af @ live action disney reboot movies being white as hell literally if there is a single white person in the mulan one imma fight
  3. i relate to matt murdock bc my mom told me i had the devil in me when i didnt wanna get confirmed
  4. there was a time where i was p into eating healthy its hilarious bc theres a chunk of photobooth selfies on my laptop w like just vegetables
  5. it's important to smile as little as possible and usually be mean so that when u smile ppl r like whoa wtf my heart feels warm
  6. s/o to snapchat filters for reminding me that personally i nvr wanna get plastic surgery
  7. im bad at everything and have a horrible personality af but at least my hair looks like a beautiful wig
  8. the attraction I feel towards Roman Mars' voice is at the level I felt for Scarlett Johansson's before I knew she was cast in the GITS movie
  9. okay im horrible at sports but my feet have a beautiful arch okay
  10. im listening to the episode of tldr abt sad youtube comments and they're literally all on songs we sang in high school show choir
  11. ngl i ship those two backstroke guys rn
  12. im ready as hell for halo halo to be trendy like bubble tea