i can't be like a stack of lunchmeat and bread and call it a day
  1. chicken salad made w greek yogurt or caesar
  2. ants on a log but no raisins bc gross so i guess just logs
  3. "sushi" or "pinwheels"
  4. rice bowl
  5. cheese and apples
  6. veggies and hummus
  7. mung beans
  8. mason jar hipster shit lol
  9. pita lunchable knockoff
  10. salads i guess
  11. tea sandwiches like at american girl place
  12. tofu!
  13. oatmeal holy shit
  14. chili? quinoa?
  15. apparently instead of tuna you can use chickpeas so it doesn't stink
  16. i'm doing some intense googling to find these and it turns out rn the only flavors other than "none" white ppl are good with in public yet are miso and peanut butter. one day my chicken adobo will be trendy. thanks.
  17. so squash is a big deal i think
  18. soup