first off, a lot of these are covered in this list ICONIC MOMENTS IN MY FRIENDSHIP WITH ERIN BY THE WAY ERIN IS @e_oconnell36
  1. when she pronounced lingerie "lin-gear-ee"
  2. when she thought Little Italy was in Brooklyn
  3. when she sent me butt pics that she made her boyfriend take
  4. these are photos she put on my phone that I did not ask for
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  5. when she told me she had never eaten a dumpling before
  6. once, Hope and I were choosing female comedic icons to marry. She chose Tina Fey, I chose Amy Poehler. We specifically asked for Erin's choice. She said Joseph Gordon-Levitt??
    No offense, Joe. You're great. But you are not a female comedic icon? We were thinking like Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Mindy Kaling, etc?
  7. when we hung out in a froyo place for like 3 hours without buying anything
  8. just this
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    no context
  9. when she said Sutton Foster's voice was ANNOYING ????!!