Inspired by @alexim
  1. spoiler alert: this is the same list as I WOULD FOLLOW THIS CHARACTER TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH but with added description
  2. Luke Cage from Jessica Jones
    OK SO. He's kind, he owns a bar, he doesn't hurt dogs. Ideally in this situation I would also have superpowers, but I will take what I can get.
  3. Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf
    Listen yo. I have loved this fool since he hung upside down in his first appearance in the Teen Wolf pilot. He and Scott are bROTHERS. We also both love curly fries and sarcasm. And it has been established that I have a thing for shaved heads
  4. John Laurens from Hamilton
    THIS CINNAMON BUN. He worked to abolish slavery before the US was even a country. He sketched turtles. He and Hamilton are canon.
  5. Cisco Ramon from The Flash
    Beautiful hair. He and I would be the cheesy af genre-aware asides dream team.
  6. Virgil Hawkins from Static Shock
    This show was one of my childhood obsessions. Virgil is smart, funny, and relatable. Also, he knows Batman.
  7. Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation
    okay like I'm sure he would be awesome but I can't be for serious about this one because I just want the best for Leslie Knope.