1. microwave rice with a wet paper towel on it
  2. sesame oil + rice vinegar = easiest and most delicious salad dressing
  3. old bay on microwave popcorn
  4. leafy greens in the toaster oven to make "chips"
  5. siracha, eggs, and rice fried in a pan
  6. lemon on everything
  7. old bay on microwave popcorn
  8. life is easier if you enjoy canned fish
  9. you can cook pasta and frozen dumplings that are meant to be boiled in the microwave just make sure you put an extra plate under to catch the spillover water
  10. to make microwave or keurig ramen super fast, put a plate on top of the bowl to trap the heat in after you pour the hot water in. works for oatmeal too
  11. add a kraft single and unsweetened original almond milk (or normal-ass milk) to easy mac