1. write every day
    not just lists! but, I mean, also lists sometimes
  2. make videos
    I have Premiere for a hot second
  3. learn to drive
  4. see musicals
  5. play music
    I want a ukelele but I could also try to learn to actually play the piano
  6. keep track of what TV shows I'm watching
  7. go on walks
    and maybe even jogs lol what the fuck
  8. see my friends
    can I even make new friends
  9. love my grandma
    just give her so much love my god I miss seeing her rn
  10. play with my dog
  11. try to get my brother to like me
  12. warm bonfire nights and chilly basement nights
  13. not fuck up my sleep schedule
  14. let myself cry, and not spiral into self-hatred