1. I hang postcards on my wall
  2. Some specific interests: musical theater, superheroes, intersectional feminism, sexual fanfiction
  3. I have a v annoying mean cheesy sarcastic try-hard sense of humor
  4. no really I'm mean
    but only bc i'm a mess and dying inside
  5. I write!
  6. I want that messy but cute, pretty but comfy, scary but threatening aesthetic
  7. my crushes include Mindy Kaling, Dylan O'Brien, Batman, Aladdin, and John Laurens
  8. other than musicals, I only listen the Mountain Goats, Tim Minchin, and Haim
    i know
  9. I'm a millennial af
  10. sometimes I say I'm gonna do something productive but i just sit on my bed watching youtube videos
  11. probably won't be relevant at all but I HATE PANTS
    i need to be able to do a deep lunge at all times
  12. Feel free to stalk me here, on twitter, on instagram, anywhere you can find me
    @ urghjess