1. I used to judge people with dumb profile pictures where you cannot see their face well
  2. when this is my twitter profile pic
    C97ddad8 a388 47b1 a905 d3b3fcee2459
  3. this is my instagram profile pic
    Ab715e59 2236 40be b01e 6f550b25c1a9
  4. my facebook profile pic makes it look like I am George Takei
    C87ed93f 3bc4 4520 888a 3134e9f0e46b
    which isn't entirely false
  5. and this one has sunglasses!
    6cdf8ddb 8873 4c19 9f68 b77a508b69fa
  6. this one where my hair was in my face!
    9057f20f 3bd0 4a37 a930 55a0cf930542
  7. you wouldn't recognize me in person from this picture!
    F745388d 6b8f 4df7 a852 c5440af3a86f
  8. WHY????