1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
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  2. Daredevil
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  3. these "Haw flakes" candy that @nicvillaric and all of us used to pretend were communion wafers as kids
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  4. Spotlight
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  5. The Godfather esp. scenes that take place literally in church
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  6. Jesus Christ Superstar
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  7. red wine
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    that's literally jesus' blood yo!
  8. making jokes about being satanic bc deep down inside I truly feel that I would go straight to hell
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  9. saying phrases like "lorde knows" or "lorde bless" out loud but obviously nobody can tell that you are thinking about the young singer Lorde
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    this is a patented @jessacosta@hk15ferr Bit™
  10. The Young Pope
  11. this dress