let's get angsty, late nite list app
  1. I mean, I talked to people in the brief couple of months I was on Tumblr years ago. I've been in an odd chat room or livestream or whatever. But I wouldn't say I ever made a friend.
  2. to be fair, I haven't had a huge amount of real life friends either
  3. I am just the type of person who takes a while to feel comfortable with new people
  4. but when the relationship is cemented, I'm loyal like a fucking golden retriever or whatever
  5. it's actually really cheesey and I lowkey hate it bc I'm so nice and caring deep down and it's squishy like easy mac and gross
  6. like you guys will be like wtf when I say this, but irl, I am actually one of those asshole I hate everything I am dead inside people. Really. Ask @e_oconnell36 abt it
  7. the shit I talk and get excited about here a lot- musicals, and hot celebrities, and cute puppies, and movies- is the type of stuff that helps me hang through whatever ugh I'm feeling
  8. I am a confusing person
  9. I always tried to look upbeat and funny and fun and snarky and whatever to acquaintances and stuff
  10. sometimes it works out, and nobody can tell that you are in a constant state of existential crisis
  11. sometimes, not so much
  12. and then you try and hang through it again
  13. anyway, this was all just a very long roundabout way of saying, it's not like I'm lying to you or faking anything-
  14. like I am this excited and passionate about stuff
  15. I do get real sometimes late at night
  16. but I haven't known you that long
  17. we went right to night deep conversations about our fears and goals in the dark at a sleepover and we skipped the me being a shit-head every day casual stuff
  18. it's kind of like cheating
  19. and I talk to some of you every day, more than that even, in the comments
  20. we follow each other on other accounts
  21. but I don't know if we're friends
  22. and I don't know how to make friends
  23. but if you want to, maybe we could