@e_oconnell36 pls like this list this is embarrassing
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    @hk15ferr got cropped sry I don't make the rules it's a square photo format
  2. she sincerely pronounced lingerie "lin-gear-ee"
  3. being in a community theatre production of Les Mis
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  4. snapchatting her crying @ Stiles and Scott's relationship
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  5. being partners in show choir
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  6. honestly being so romantic on field trips that if we were actually dating I would be disgusted
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  7. she sent me pictures of her sexually eating frosting from a can
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  8. lady and the tramp-ing lo mein
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  9. when we reunited
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  10. when we facetimed until 5:30 am
    spoiler alert this was last night
  11. when i got her to join list app @e_oconnell36