1. I would be undercooked and falling apart yet somehow burnt and black on the bottom but still, at least, a cookie, and a warm, homemade cookie at that, and so you liked me well enough anyway and maybe even a cookie was just what you needed after a shitty day like today,
  2. and so even if you aren't a dessert person or a chocolate person or a cookie person, god damn that cookie. It sure was a cookie.
  3. It felt good on your tongue and feels good in your stomach and it didn't fix anything, not really, but it felt like a second really was a second while it melted there in your mouth and your teeth crushed it between them as you bit down.
  4. You didn't even want a cookie before, but you just did, and while you did, it was the only thing on your mind. And then you swallowed. Perfect. Done.
  5. That cookie contained infinity and one was enough. You feel full and satisfied now, almost tired, but you never stopped for it and your momentum just keeps going like a low buzz. You can still sort of taste the chocalate. Things that are bad in some ways taste good and they are good in some ways and you can have them.