this was so hard bc so many fit more than one type and I wouldn't really say my favorite shows fit definitively in one category! anyway
  1. new shit
    ex: Allegiance [RIP u didn't deserve this]; In The Heights
  2. small and lowkey
    ex: Last Five Years
  3. family dynamic
    ex: Next To Normal; Fun Home
  4. teen
    ex: 13; Bring It On
  5. religious deconstruction
    ex: Book of Mormon; Jesus Christ Superstar
  6. based on movies but I love the composer
    ex: Bridges of Madison County; Heathers
  7. charming asshole
    ex: Bonnie and Clyde; Catch Me If You Can
  8. funny as shit
    ex: Urinetown; Something Rotten
  9. meta/about musical theater
    ex: Title of Show; A Chorus Line
  10. epic as frick
    ex: Hamilton; Les Miserables
  11. old school
    ex: Anything Goes
  12. hipster
    ex: Once
  13. dance show
    ex: On The Town
  14. star crossed lovers
    ex: West Side Story
  15. mid-life/quarter-life crisis
    ex: Kinky Boots
  16. every other type of musical I'm forgetting
  17. really a play technically but I think it's cool because there's some music in it
    ex: As You Like It; Peter and The Starcatcher
  18. really just a concert but I think it's cool because there's some skits or something in there
    ex: Starkid's Apocalyptour
  19. ...
  20. ...
  21. jukebox musicals
    ex: Jersey Boys; Mamma Mia