1. Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    I refuse to accept that this is over. Imma need Craig to do a podcast or Youtube show or something
  2. Graham Norton
    fills the void
  3. Late Night With Seth Meyers
    I don't even know, I just like him
  4. Grace Helbig Show
    I'm a millennial
  5. Conan
  6. Late Late Show With James Cordon
    car karaoke or as I like to call it CARaoke is beautiful and powerful shit
  7. @ Midnight
    points amirite
  8. Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
    I like it when people I like are on, but if they don't play a game what even is this
  9. Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  10. Comedy Bang Bang
    only ranked this low because according to Wikipedia it doesn't count as a late night show, but I want to put it anyway
  11. all those other shows I don't really watch
    I know I should watch the Daily Show and stuff, sorry
  12. Jimmy Kimmel Live!
    it just really annoys me that it's not actually live when it's right there in the title