1. nobody's answering so i'm just going to add things that probably were things here okay
  2. top breads
  3. ice skating animes, web comics, and disney channel original movies
  4. oranges, ranked
  5. spotify playlists for different flavors of cough drops
  6. dragons that are more compelling than the bachelor
  7. lin manuel miranda saying things from the west wing
  8. gilmore girls more like THE WORLD IS ON FIRE
  9. wrestlers with creepy soggy string-like hair
  10. millennial garbage cans, in GIFs
  11. onomatopoeia BLOOSH SREELK
  12. something something bj mcdonalds mary poppins
  13. Asses, ranked
    Suggested by @brynelle
  14. Freckles on Anthony Ramos' face, ranked
    Suggested by @brynelle
  15. People got really heated about top 5 candies I think
    Suggested by @brynelle
  16. Drunk histories was a big one
    Suggested by @victoriaedel
  17. "Things that rhyme with 'SEXT"
    Suggested by @eriknmichaelssrn