inspired by @nathanveshecco the list app tag meme king
  1. I was NINE and it was 2007
  2. I listened to Wicked and Rent
  3. I liked Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and Matilda and Bridge to Terabithia and Holes
  4. I was obsessed with superhero adjacent cartoons and I made this whole list about it I HAVE SEEN EVERY EPISODE OF THESE SUPERHERO AND SUPERHERO-ADJACENT CARTOONS
  5. I binge watched Static Shock before binge-watching and Netflix was even a thing!! All the episodes used to be on Youtube. No taking things down because of copyright infringement! It was like the Wild West!
  6. I also loved Moulin Rouge and Disney everything
  7. I watched House MD bc my parents did, which was probably inappropriate but whatever
  8. I started doing pointe at around this point (hahahaha). The Nutcracker was a big deal.
  9. I ate literally nothing but trash like I would spend my lunch money on ice cream instead and that would be all I ate
  10. My little elementary school musical won this contest and we got to go on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo and perform there!
  11. I loved Limited Too, but it was expensive so it was super special when I got clothes from there
  12. I wore leggings with dresses
  13. and these sweat suits
  14. I was obsessed with Youtube karaokes of like the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Swift
  15. I feel like everything happened in 2008?? I grew up a lot at that point bc I went to the "upper elementary school" where the fifth and sixth graders in my school district went
  16. and I honestly feel like that time was when the internet got more stuff too? Like Youtube and Tumblr and Hulu (which used to be completely free!) really got going.
  17. Also, Twilight happened in 2008 which I now cringe at, but along with Harry Potter and the DCAU, it was what really got me into fandom stuff.
  18. By the time I was ten, I started being able to read the books and watch the movies and tv and listen to the music that I really wanted to. It was easy to research and find what I was interested in because, again, the internet.