Inspired by @xtineengels FUN FACT I don't have an aesthetic I'm a messy oxymoron-- dead but cute, stupid but threatening
  1. cheesy shit
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  2. pretty, sweet boys and flowers
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  3. pretty, sweet boys and puppies
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  4. mint green and pastel coral, and mermaids, and childlike imagination and wonder
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  5. wolf puppy who thinks she's scary but looks silly and adorable, in the springtime
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  6. navy and burgundy, magic, swords
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  7. pretty colors, bare dead but technically still alive trees, telephone wire
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  8. not wearing a bra so ur nips are exposed, female friendship
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  9. fluffy dog excited to go swimming, in a garden
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  10. fluffy unkempt hair, pirate type flowy big blouse, sun shining, using a stick as a weapon
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