FASHION🎶🎶 It's weird that you guys don't know how I dress, so I tried to explain it? I actually own some of these exact things and if I couldn't find it, I chose the closest approximation
  1. cheap as fuck leggings
    I'm talkin $3 leggings guys. For with very long big tops, or very short summer dresses
  2. leggings as pants leggings
    slightly more expensive, less see through
  3. warm tights
    for da winter
  4. high socks
    for da autumn and spring
  5. fuzzy socks
  6. combat boots
    I gotta brown pair and a black pair from Target
  7. merlin boots
    to feel like a whimsical explorer adventurer
  8. sandals that cover your toes
    bc ur self conscious abt ur toes
  9. winter shorts
    corduroy and stuff
  10. soft shorts
    basically pajama shorts for summertime
  11. skorts/circle skirts
    skorts are powerful do not underestimate them
  12. sweaters
    big ass warm long sleeve sweaters to bury urself in
  13. thermals
    from the men's section at Walmart
  14. big ass cardigan
    so many layers underneath! all the layers!
  15. basic black cardigan
    for when u need to be not super sloppy
  16. flannels
    huge men's ones. so easy to throw on. Can also function as a cardigan in a pinch
  17. parka
    long but not super intense puff quality. basically everyone has this same one
  18. peter quill jacket
    burgundy faux leather jacket
  19. sundresses
    from the summer. Obsessed with ones that look like aprons
  20. tops
    some loosy goosey flowy for with leggings as pants, some tighter longer-sleeved ones for under stuff or with skirts. pair with the big ass cardigans and sweaters and flannels
  21. muscle tees/t shirts
    the free from school stuff/events, super clearance, or stolen from male relatives varieties
  22. scarf