in reverse chronological order AKA i kind of get uglier the further back u go
  1. u couldn't even tell this was a sunset before i edited the fuck out of it
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  2. when ur midnight in paris af
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  3. "can you take one where i'm, like, prancing"
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  4. me and a large strawberry
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  5. feeling it mr krabs
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  6. 🐭🐹
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  7. walking very casually and elegantly
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  8. im just sitting in this beautiful place and laughing at the folly of man
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  9. a mermaid but one with legs like tom hanks at the end of splash
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  10. walking very casually and elegantly part 2
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  11. could use a rim light so i didn't look bald
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  12. oh no
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  13. oh
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  14. me and an avocado
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  15. myspace angle
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