1. linking to my own lists. This might be lowkey against community guidelines?
  2. being the first to like and comment
  3. being the last to like and comment
  4. randomly following people, sometimes by accident and then I unfollow and follow again infinitely and make a huge mess of it
  5. searching terms and liking old-ass lists from people who don't even know who I am
  6. just going on a spree of liking like 10 lists from somebody I'm into
  7. just being awkward in comment conversations
  8. making an inspired by of a list that was inspired by somebody else
  9. I click on the profiles of whenever I see a new person re-listed in my timeline, and look at their lists
  10. I go IN on the activity feed and stalk what people are commenting on and stuff
  11. basically, I'm a creep 🎶🎶 *scary children's choir Social Network trailer voice*