also I know next to nothing abt One Direction
  1. Javier Munoz
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    Lin Manuel Miranda's alternate for Hamilton. He deserves so much glory
  2. Hugh Laurie
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    he's british, dreamy, and a musician. perfect fit obvs
  3. John Cena
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    he loves singing, youtube search that yo. and he's on the up and up again since Trainwreck and now Sisters
  4. Tyler Posey
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    he was in a band, right? Also he's just cute like he should be in a boyband idk it just feels right
  5. Robert Pattinson
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    He originally wanted to pursue a career as a musician! clearly what he needs is involvement in another tween aimed sensation since it went so well the first time!
  6. BJ Novak
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    Have you seen subtle sexuality ??
  7. James Corden
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    He's basically already there
  8. Jack and Finn Harries
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    This is almost a no-brainer. It kind of doesn't even matter if they can't sing. (Louis isn't really great at it either if we're honest with ourselves) Plus, they're twins! Double the boyish cuteness for the price of one! I mean, just look at them.
    Suggested by @ltoiaivao