1. color code
    makes notes fun, and codifies topics in your brain so you can remember them better
  2. pen🔄type
    if you originally hand-wrote your notes, type them out again to "study" for your test or whatever, and vice versa. idk I heard they use different parts of your brain so you remember stuff like twice as much or smth
  3. talk to yourself
    it helps so much! as you're studying or when you're just living your daily life. It also helps to talk in funny accents or curse a lot, because I'm more likely remember stuff if I do something super weird or kind of stupid funny to scar it into my memory
  4. charts
    full sentences are for losers
  5. flashcards ????
    they can be helpful to write on, like for tip 2, but don't get too caught on exact word-perfect definitions. Try to understand the topics as much as you can, rather than tryna memorize shit you don't even know the deeper meaning of. It's easier, and better for tests tbh
  6. change locations
    it gets your brain flowing again, codifies diferent subjects to different enviroments with your senses and stuff so you remember better, and gives you a little built in break while you walk to the next place
  7. chew gum
    and then chew that same flavor of gum when you take the test. Chewing gum helps you concentrate in general, and idk I heard having the same flavor helps your memory? also, it's just comforting and shit
  8. STOP BEFORE 10pm
    You're not gonna remember anything from late at night tbh and you should get a lil sleep anyway. For some people, this time you should really stop at might be earlier, others a little later (but I'm already a night person, so it really shouldn't go on much later than 9 or 10)
  9. explain it to somebody
    kind of the same as talking to yourself, but a nice way to mix it up and also interact with a human during a time when you probably feel like a tired, dead alien. I find explaining over facetime works really well because the slight lag makes it so they can't really interrupt you when your train of thought is going
  10. use something you like as a connection
    for example, I thought about American Girl dolls and musicals for US history. It's way more straightforward for things that aren't math/science, but you might be able to work it out and it helps so much
  11. make fun of it
    just ROAST whatever the subject is. Insulting somebody means that you know a lot about them, think of how mean you can be to your friends. Going with the US history example: say, make fun of Theodore Roosevelt (not that I hold anything against him) like BIG STICK AMIRITE TRUST BUSTING MORE LIKE BUTT FUSTING
  12. puns
    a classic, your middle school teachers and stuff like that probably used puns and things of that nature all the time. You are not too grown up for it. A good memorization pun is a blessing.
  13. context
    Situate things in relation to each other. It makes you feel like you're memorizing one whole thing instead of a million random-ass pieces and facts.
  14. stretch, and sit in weird ways when you're studying
    get comfortable and keep that blood flowing
  15. pretend you have NZT while you are taking the test or whatevr
    Have you ever seen the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless? He takes this pill called NZT that makes him a genius and allows him to use 100% of his brain power (I know that's scientifically ludicrous but shh). Imagine you have taken this pill and you are the smartest person on Earth and your brain can remember even the tiniest things and you are going to smash this test. You got this!