1. craft beer that was literally flower flavored
  2. a giant car shaped like an l.l. bean duck boot
  3. many varieties of rice, none of which are satisfying
  4. a girl who said she hated shonda rhimes
  5. bud light mango-ritas at a pregame
  6. like 200 people who freakin love the movie Breathless
  7. those half-zip sweatshirts with a collared shirt underneath
  8. a lot of excitement over a rotten-ass apple tree by the quad
  9. what the dining hall calls "lo mein"
  10. a party where you literally were supposed to wear white clothing
  11. shirtless ultimate frisbee
  12. j crew chinos that had two different color legs
  13. like 5 different restaurants on the same block that specialize in burgers