1. the ideal ratio of sunbeam to breeze
  2. the scratch of freshly cut grass on your bare feet and legs
  3. the first two notes of your favorite song
  4. the satisfaction of walking through a crowd of people you will never see again
  5. the lapping of water before it foams up
  6. the first sip of a drink somebody else makes you when you realize they got it right
  7. the most beautiful shades of any given color
  8. the beginning little droplets of rain that you don't care about and turn your face up towards
  9. the smell of your favorite person's hair
  10. the point in a belly laugh where you lose the ability to stop or even make audible noise
  11. the scent of a fire still lingering on your clothes in the morning
  12. the one streak of thin, fluffy cloud in a perfectly bright blue sky