Inspired by @ListPrompts #draftmas
  1. I think a lot of people are hot and kind and funny but I don't want to d8 any of them
  2. I'm working on myself, learning and living
    and working on 📓📚✏️💻🙇🏽💭
  3. not that you can't do that with another person, but I don't want to right now
  4. and I'm okay with that
  5. and yes it might be because I'm scared or unfamiliar with some stuff
    but working on that is working on myself
  6. I don't know what being in love is
    I know it was made up; I know a small seedling of it is true
  7. I'm not ready for it
  8. SINGLE is not a defining characteristic, it is not an emptyness, it is not a fault or a quirk, it is not temporary or permanant, it is not even something I think about
  9. I am not a half of something
  10. I am my own significant same