inspired by @bjnovak's Myspace list. I didn't sleep in high school and I embarrassed myself on the internet but it's okay because nobody cared. I love shouting into the void!
  1. "I think I would only ever be okay with my inevitable downfall if I am the singular cause of it help #existentialcrisisoclock"
  2. "I got nothing accomplished over break but im prob going to accomplish nothing in life so it doesn't matter anyway ha HA #existentialcrisisoclock"
  3. "why am I awake why is the school too cold to comfortably wear anything but #existentialcrisisoclock"
  4. "I am just ugh and I'm not good at anything and I can't find the motivation for stuff and the future is scary #existentialcrisisoclock"
  5. "should I actually dress well tmrw? does tmrw even exist? #existentialcrisisoclock"
  6. "wtf is wrong with me idek what feelings are and I always assume everyone is laughing at me #existentialcrisisoclock"
  7. "all I want to do at night is be completely alone with my laptop and my dog and maybe cry for no reason #existentialcrisisoclock"
  8. "if i need something, I never realise or admit it; I just pretend I have the wherewithal to try to help out others #existentialcrisisoclock"
  9. "I don't know how to deal with or talk about problems, so I just lie in bed in the dark tweeting about them #existentialcrisisoclock"
  10. "I procrastinate and don't care and make excuses apparently if u have little enough sleep the morning can be #existentialcrisisoclock too"
  11. "#existentialcrisisoclock obligatory listening to nobody needs to know and crying time"
  12. BONUS-
    "12:23 why did I eat that o'clock 1:23 existential crisis o'clock 2:23 online video o'clock 3:23 might as well stay up until morning o'clock"