so I look happy bc I take cute pictures, and usually put them nowhere, but these pictures rly bring back the specific mems and emoshes and yeah dude stuff
  1. move in day
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    I cried a lot at night at first
  2. lonely lounge so you think you can dance
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    i have since lost this water bottle rip
  3. I volunteered at an elementary school and made this cute ass bulletin board display 🐝
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    I talked to this one girl the whole time and I haven't even ran into her and stopped to like chat for a bit since
  4. huh
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    weird feeling pretty sky
  5. studyin
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    sleep deprived
  6. more studyin
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    I told a boy I hated him in the sort of way I did constantly to my friends back home but we had just met like the other day so
  7. farmer's market!
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    so happy
  8. knee socks
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    getting into the groove of class
  9. first time going back home, to get a cavity filled
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    I missed it even while I was there
  10. lunch of champions
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    two kinds of coffee, potato chips, and goldfish
  11. i look so happy i miss summer clothes
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    clothes make me happy it's not vain I don't think-- it's like science, colors and being able to stretch out and sense of touch and stuff
  12. aaron tveit
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    he was cute and nice and talented, and it made my day
  13. this is my professor's dog i'm in love
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    I fuckin love dogs
  14. having so much fun
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  15. lin & mindy quotes
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  16. i needed this visit
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    I was still so stressed but I missed the fam
  17. some postcards hanging on my wall
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    shakespeare and company, john laurens, star trek pugs
  18. i call this look red wine jessica jones
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    coming back to school after thanksgiving break
  19. hanging out eating ice cream alone at the top of the stairwell
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    like a weirdo
  20. I'm getting real into the phone photo lists lately
    I've never posted an album to facebook, and I'm pretty intense w the filters and stuff for instgram. I'm loving the freedom of this format and platform