i just didn't want to blabber on in the comments
  2. anyway here is said hammer that i posted without context on my most recent selfie list
  3. um for Martin Luther King Day
    (but it wasn't even actually on Martin Luther King Day because the winter break for my school was weirdly long this year)
  4. we had to do this big presentation thing about the civil rights movement and anybody who wanted to learn about it could watch
  5. and it involved some skits I wrote
  6. one of them was about the Birmingham Children's March, and King's 4 steps of nonviolence
  7. this happens to be the only one where I had to actually like spit out a large chunk of words
    which I lowkey hate bc I have a hard time taking presentation srsly like they aggravate my anxiety and idk i just wanted to get it over with it was weird and annoying eeeeeepp
  8. I passed around a bucket and the rest of the "children" had to take any weapons out of their pockets and put them in there, because this is a nonviolent protest, you know
  9. so basically I was blabbering out dialogue that explains these ideas
  10. and somebody like pulled out a hammer and put it in the basket
    other people pulled out like knives, fake guns, nail files, a baseball bat, stuff like that
  11. and I really wanted to be the one who got to pull out a hammer bc idk I think it is a fun prop and also I am small and the hammer is large which is cool
  12. but I couldn't, because I was like playing the adult talking to these kids about giving up their weapons
  13. so that's sad
  15. idk if we're trying to draw SOME KIND OF POINT out of this ostensibly MEANINGLESS ANECDOTE,
  16. I guess you could say that the hammer was comforting to me in a time of stress
  17. but it's also not like a cathartic ending bc I didn't even get to actually interact with the hammer during the thing
  18. but at least i have a selfie to remember it by